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Bringing virtual reality entertainment to new contexts
We make fun games, rides and attractions. Our mission is to get more people into VR. To inspire; to show what is possible - but most of all — to entertain. We provide in-house guidance on how best to use VR, develop entertaining content and deploy it around the world.
Client: Never Bored
Crafted by JetXR and published by NeverBored, Battle Magic is a strategic multiplayer magic game. It's now available in 1000+ VR parks around the world and coming to thousands more. This family-friendly low-resource game is hopefully first of many in the Battle Magic franchise.
Battle Magic
Production by JetXR
Client: A'DAM VR
Working with Peter Hillebrands of A'DAM VR, Extra Axis executed the largest VR park in Amsterdam in the iconic location of A'DAM Lookout. From licensing games to organizing the space, A'DAM VR has been elaborately planned to bring joy to its visitors, keep ticket prices low and maximize revenue.
Client: A'DAM VR
Arguably the most realistic virtual reality ride in the world, this attraction invites visitors of the ADAM VR park to take a journey around Amsterdam.With the added thrill of wind machines and a moving mechanical platform, the 300 km/h flight is an unforgettable event for most tourists. Also there are dragons.
Amsterdam Rollercoaster
Production by JetXR
It is easier for a curious person to gain more facts than it is for a knowledgeable person to ask new questions. This project strives to produce interest. These specific VR apps are dedicated to Natalia Goncharova and Kazimir Malevich, two Russian avant-garde artists who were active in the beginning of the 20th century.
Russian avant-garde in 3D
Production by VRTech
Why work with us?
Coming from enterprise and gaming
Efficient production
We continually polish our production processes for efficiency. Virtual reality that we produce is meticulously planned and clients are always informed of all developments and are in control of the process.
Powerful distribution
With agreements and partnerships around the globe, we can help to deliver VR to any place: be it a digital space, a permanent attraction or a short-term brand activation.
Having worked on 3D projects for global brands in the past, Extra Axis founders acknowledge robust business models, predictable production and measurable outcomes. At the same time, we focus on the power of stunning graphics, energetic gameplay design and easy onboarding.
Natalie Taylor / CEO
Natalie is an experienced business developer and consultant who has delivered many ambitious for enterprises and small businesses alike. She's a business leader and spokesperson for Extra Axis, spreading our values, philosophy and practices. Follow Natalie on LinkedIn.
Being experienced in leading creative and technical teams, Veta's mission is to pull everything together, help align all the different views and keep the projects on track to ensure that all stakeholders are happy.
Veta Sbitnikova / Senior Producer
Alex's style of creative direction focuses on achieving great outcomes with less resources through R&D and dynamic resource management. He has completed hundreds of XR and non-XR projects during his career, spanning over 15 years.
Alex Markin / Creative Director
Max Karmaskih / Head of Production
Max is a seasoned production professional, leading Extra Axis production team under the brand JetXR. Before going into XR, he had been active as a go-to-market CTO, ensuring quick delivery with focus on the business outcome.
Get in touch
We are always eager to meet new people even if there are no immediate business opportunities. Feel free to write us if you are a VR person or just curious.
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